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Vitamind and Calcium Deficiency Treatment

Calcium is a significant component of body that may affect greatly mental as well as physical health. It play important role to build strong and dense bones throught life. It forms, develops and maintains the bones. It is an essential mineral of the body that positively affect the growth, reproduction and maintenance of the body. It forms strong bones and teeth.

  • • Stimulate enzyme reactions
  • • It regulates the cell secretions, cell divisions and cell multiplication
  • • Helps normal blood clot
  • • Transmit nerve impulses
  • • Help normal muscle movement for contraction and relaxation

It is widely known that exposure to sunlight is good to gain vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary to help calcium to be absorbed from gut. Calcium is essential to make bones strong and healthy. It is essential for normal cell function, blood coagulation, neural transmission, intracellular signalling and membrane stability. So, indirectly vitamin D is significantly influence bone formation. It is also necessary for general health and muscle functions. It is also necessary for better functioning of the muscles of internal organs. It also helps body’s immune system to prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Generally calcium deficiency and toxicity are understood for the bone and tooth problems but in fact so many diseases about muscle contractions, Hormone balances and enzyme secretions are correlated with calcium and affect badly the metabolic activity of patient.

If one is mild deficient of vitamin D, he or she would not subject to major symptoms except pain, general body ache and tiredness. Severe deficiency of vitamin D can cause osteomalacia in adult and rickets in children.

In rickets, bone formation affects severely that led the soft bones. Child suffers from skeletal deformation. It is also suffered with bone pain and impaired growth. It is characterised by proximal muscle weakness, bone malformation, muscle wasting, and fragility.

In osteomalacia, patient suffers from weak bones and muscles. Major symptom of osteomalacia is bone fractures and muscular pain. It may lead severe body pain too. Calcium deficiency may put the women at the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer.

Osteoporosis, name itself shows the severity of this deficiency disease. In osteoporosis bones may become porous as per deficiency level. The bones become thin and weak. It may increase the risk of bone fracture. It is a silent disease. People do not know about their disease until they undergo fractures. They may undergo fracture of wrist, spine or hip. They also suffer from height loss. There are other Vitamin D and calcium deficiency diseases as follows.

  • • Hypocalcemia
  • • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • • Osteoarthritis
  • • Muscle cramping
  • • Jaw pain
  • • Osteopenia
  • • Rickets
  • • Osteomalacia
  • • Back ache
  • • Bone pain

Bones and teeth stored about 99% of total calcium content of body. Remaining calcium is used for various physiological functions. These functions include muscular exertion and electrical conduction of heart muscles. Calcium is also required for the hormone secretion and vascular contraction. Calcium deficiency may lead high blood pressure. Hypoparathyrodism may lead calcium deficiency. Parathyroid hormone maintains level of calcium in the blood. Disturbance in parathyroid secretion may lead tumours and kidney failure.

  • • Heart palpitations
  • • Blood clotting
  • • Menstrual cramps
  • • Hypertension

Calcium play important role in digestion and help to absorb nutrients.

  • • Constipation
  • • Diarrhea

For intracellular signalling, sufficient level of calcium is required. Calcium significantly involved in the release of neurotransmitters. In nervous system it works as messengers between neurons. It is also required for the nerve signals, muscle functions and hormone secretion. Calcium deficiency can lead neurological disorders.

  • • Parkinson’s Disease
  • • Depression
  • • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • • Azheimer’s Disease
  • • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • • Psychiatric Disorders
  • • Delusion
  • • Irritability
  • • Insomnia

Vitamin D and calcium deficiency may lead many other diseases due to metabolic disturbances. It also causes the bleed nose and vision problems.

  • • Eye twitching
  • • Headaches
  • • Weight gain
  • • Disturbed sleep
  • • Problem regarding urinary bladder
  • • Cancer
  • • Metabolic syndrome
  • • Diabetes
  • • Autoimmune diseases
  • • Multiple sclerosis
  • • Depression
  • • Bursitis
  • • Gout
  • • Infertility
  • • Brittle fingernails
  • • Agitation
  • • Tooth decay
  • • Stunted growth
  • • Tetany
  • • Hair loss
  • • Cognitive impairment
  • • Eczema

Bone loss and other calcium deficiency diseases can be preventing with the proper calcium treatment. Calcium treatment can help both the gender to prevent deficiency problems.

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