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Infertility Treatment

Infertility is seen as a condition or disorder of man or woman or of both partners for being unable to conceive or maintaining the pregnancy of woman. When husband and wife, both are fit and well and have unprotected intercourse, but still waiting for woman’s pregnancy for more than a year, then it may be diagnosed as infertility of either man or woman. It may be of both the partners too.


  • • There are so many reasons are considered for the woman for infertility, but generally problems regarding fallopian tubes and uterus are more common. Blockages of fallopian tubes or problems of uterus may lead trouble in releasing eggs.
  • • Low sperm quality and low sperm count are believed major infertility problem in men.

Overweight man and woman are advised to loose the weight for positive result. Age is also one of the important factors that are considered for the infertility. People are also advised to control smoking and alcohol. But there are so many couples that are medically fit and fine but do not have yet conceived for the child. There are many questions unanswered in the modern medical science.

We have our own research on such questions and have found too better results for same. We have our special and unique therapy on calcium related physical and mental abnormalities. It is deficiency or toxicity of the calcium, that may create so many unhealthy physical and mental conditions, and infertility is one of them.

For the infertility, Some criteria are described here.


Calcium is necessary for appropriate digestion. It is an essential component that neutralizes acid of stomach and decrease chance of diarrhea. By helping in proper digestion, it also helps the intestine to absorb fundamental vitamins and minerals. This proper digestion and absorption cycle ideally reduce the nutrients deficiency and also reduces the risk of infertility.


We know that calcium stimulates insulin secretion from pancreas. There are beta cells in islet of langerhas that secrets insulin. If calcium channels are blocked or such cells are removed, insulin secretion also blocked that lead insulin imbalance in the body. Such insulin imbalance can invite infertility. It may cause

  • • Lower sperm quality in men
  • • Irregular menstrual period


Calcium is significantly essential mineral of the body that helps muscles to contract and relax as well as strength bones. So for the healthy bone growth and normal muscle movement calcium is crucial element.

We know that menstrual cycle is the preparation of body for the baby. Like that, naturally, if body is not enough prepared to carry out the baby, brain would not trigger out the reproductive organs enough to be ready for fertilization.


Calcium is responsible for the blood vessel expansion. Such expansion lead the easy blood flow and that lessens the burden of heart by reducing it’s over working and that helps to make lower the blood pressure and helps all organs of the body to get sufficient amount of blood rather say nutrients.


Calcium play important role in regulation of the brain cell function. It is also helpful in transmitting the correct information from brain cells to varied glands. So due to the deficiency of calcium, brain cell function get disturbed that may lead imbalance of the hormones.

  • • Increasing nervous tension
  • • Hormonal imbalance
  • • Excess production of hormones
  • • Reduces fertility chance

There is no need to loose hope. At ‘kudrati ayurved health center’ we serve people with time tested therapy.

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