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Genetic Disorder Treatment

Genetics is a vast subject to be understood. Genes contains instructions for the overall growth sequence of human being including countless building and maintaining structural activities to develop physical and mental growth. Existed performance of health of human being and each and every aspect of his or her health can be linked by many ways with structural characteristic of gene.

Gene contains coding for entire structure and functions of body. It contains instructions for various cycles of regular metabolic functions. The number of known genetic disorders is figured out in thousands.

If there is any change or mutation in the gene or in sequence of DNA, it may lead simple to complex physical or mental abnormalities. The DNA strands are bundled in chromosomes.

There are two kinds of genetic disorders are seen.

  • • Mutation in DNA sequence of one gene
  • • Mutation in DNA sequence of multiple genes

Mutation in one gene is called monogenic disorder and mutation in multiple genes called multi factorial disorders.

There are again two kinds of genetic disorders. One is inherited. The abnormal gene sequence is inherited from one of the parents or from both the parents. Such kinds of gene abnormalities are present at birth. The other kind of genetic abnormalities are not inherited by the parent but received by several external factors.

According to medical science there are four major set of genetic disorders.

  • • Single gene disease
  • • Chromosome disorders
  • • Mitochondrial disorders
  • • Multifactorial disorders

Single gene disease also called monogenic disease can happen by mutation of gene. Particular genetic disorder can be occurring due to specific gene mutation. Mutation of gene, responsible for belonging or related function or functions, can lead the abnormalities to such functions. Mutated gene again passes to next generation and each member of such family are at higher risk of such genetic disorders.

  • • Sickle cell disease
  • • Cystic fibrosis
  • • Polycystic kidney diseas

A structural disturbance in chromosomes leads chromosome disorders. Number of chromosomes is seen changed in such disorder. It can be passed on from the one of the parent. Such chromosome abnormality can be also created on conception from sperm or egg.

  • • Chronic myeloid leukemia
  • • Down syndrome

Multi factorial genetic disorders are observed as mutations in multiple genes. It is inherited and seen on different external factors. There are several factors that lead alteration in the genetic code. It may be certain kinds of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, environmental pollution and radiation. Several cardiac disorders are counted as multi factorial genetic disorders. Diabetes is also including in such kinds of disorders.

  • • Obesity
  • • Mental illness
  • • Alzheimer’s disease

Mutation of the gene can pass on to next generation from parents. This way genetic disease or so called disorder passed over to next generation.

Allopathy can describe how it developed and also why it developed, but it can’t illustrate the curative criteria for particular disorder. On the other hand we have got remarkable conclusions for different kinds of genetic disorders.

We have seen that calcium is very much essential component of body. It is crucial for the metabolic functioning of body. As we have seen in “vitamin D and deficiency diseases”, muscle contraction and nerve transmission are also highly influenced by calcium and Vitamin D level of the individual. Further more calcium plays an important role in physiology of proteins and in biochemistry.

We have developed a healing sequence for such genetic abnormalities by balancing calcium level of the body and gained improvement in the particular problematic state from at the cell level of the body.

You can come to know about our genetic therapy by go through our website. We have many successful case histories for such situations.

Muscular dystrophy is also a kind of disorder in which muscular system of body affected badly. Thalassemia is also other example of genetic disorder.

We have developed unique therapy for such deficiency diseases; it is equally effective for the genetic disorders. It works at root cause of the problem and helps to lead better consequences. The major benefit of our treatment of genetic abnormalities is not only that it offer better curative result, but it increases the chances to lessen the original cause of the disorder.

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