V-D Green


KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTRE, Khanpur, Ahmedabad. Has formulated a Special Ayurvedic medicine in Brand name V-D Geen With a thought to provide something perfect to add value to your Health that can conquers the common as well as serious health Problems, nourishes body mechanism and supports natural immune System...Read More


pdf file Report of Acute toxicity study VD Green

Medicines Making Method

All medicines utilized at KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTER are prepared by strictly adhering to authentic ancient ayurvedic formulae. By well experienced ayurvedic doctors.


Medical tourism can be defined as the process of traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care. Growth in the popularity of medical tourism has captured the attention of policy-makers, researchers and the media.

Today India is the focus of global attention. India is perceived as pioneer, a young nation with a rich past, brimming with skill and of the latest technology and with the sagacious wisdom of the ancient. No doubts then that Indian professional are valued for their competence and expertise and the unique instinctive wisdom that comes with her rich heritage.

One area where Indians excel without a match is Health Care. India offers the best of quality of therapy, range of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure with zero waiting time.


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