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V-D Green


KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTRE, Khanpur, Ahmedabad. Has formulated a Special Ayurvedic medicine in Brand name V-D Geen With a thought to provide something perfect to add value to your Health that can conquers the common as well as serious health Problems, nourishes body mechanism and supports natural immune System...Read More


pdf file Report of Acute toxicity study VD Green

Medicines Making Method

All medicines utilized at KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTER are prepared by strictly adhering to authentic ancient ayurvedic formulae. By well experienced ayurvedic doctors.

Chandraprakash Prajapati
H-203, Himalay Icone ,Motera
Ptient Diseases:
Diseases  DIABETES
Case Study Details:

Glucose level of blood is maintained by pancreas by secreting enzymes. Pancreas excretes the enzymes that break down various components of food like carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and proteins. It secretes glucagon and insulin to control blood sugar levels. There are islets of langerhans in pancreas that contains alpha cells and beta cells. Glucagons is produced by alpha cells that raises blood glucose levels and insulin is produced by beta cells that lowers glucose level of blood. 

We know that hormone and enzymes secretion is depends upon the body’s calcium level. Stimulation of the hormone is done with calcium guidance. Calcium works as the key for the cells. Function of acinar cells of pancreas is controlled by calcium.

Vitamin D and calcium are seen as the risk modifier for diabetes type-2. We know that calcium is an essential mineral for different intracellular functions of the organs and systems. Varied intracellular processes of insulin responsive tissues need normal calcium level in main blood stream. More or less calcium level inhibits such processes due to peripheral resistance. The proper calcium level is mandatory to decrease insulin resistance. Vitamin D also helps to control blood sugar level and increase insulin sensitivity.