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V-D Green


KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTRE, Khanpur, Ahmedabad. Has formulated a Special Ayurvedic medicine in Brand name V-D Geen With a thought to provide something perfect to add value to your Health that can conquers the common as well as serious health Problems, nourishes body mechanism and supports natural immune System...Read More


pdf file Report of Acute toxicity study VD Green

Medicines Making Method

All medicines utilized at KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTER are prepared by strictly adhering to authentic ancient ayurvedic formulae. By well experienced ayurvedic doctors.


Keatnbhai P. Kachhadiya

Physical observation before treatment:

The patient resides in Nikol, Ahmedabad. He suffered from itching in his whole body, constipation, acidity and general weakness and disability when he first visited our center. His finger nails were also black in colour and dead cells could be seen. We could also see lesions on his legs and other parts of his body. Based on the symptoms, we could safely determine that he was a patient of psoriatic arthritis.

Physical observation after treatment:

After treatment, the lesions on his legs and other parts of the body were reduced. The finger nails whitened considerably. The weakness and the disability that the patient suffered before were cured. The itching session was almost down to nil. After the treatment the

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